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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 19, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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an insane man. startingttorneys are to build their case that accused killer pankaj bhasin should be found not glty by reason of insanity. that suggestion hard for the victim's friends to ta. >> unfortunately he was an innocent victim. it's a shame, b we just have to hope that everything comes out right at the end. >> reporter: brad jackson's friends are struggling with the claim that the killer attackedho because heht the victim was a werewolf. the two had never met untilpa princil brown walked into brad jackson's ofdece. nse attorneys pressed the lead detective asking if if been told what pankaj bhasin was saying at the hospital. he made reference to wolfes and dinosaurs? i was told that said the detective. there was somefence he said about killing the wolf? nfthat's what i wasmed said the detective.
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>> i don't buy it. he parked around the back, walked to the front, and he's saying heilled a werewolf. >> reporter: jurors also heard testnony from the first per to see a half odked, blo covered pankaj bhasin, when he fled the scene jumping io the backseat of this mercedes. julie lucas was in the driver's seat. screamingnd start at him, get out of moy car. get out of my car. then she d and herghter scrambled out themselves locking him inside. i was yelling somebody help. help. somebody please call 911. shortly after that, pankaj bhasin was taken into custody. he did not resist arrest. aund in that car, a marker bloody marker that he also used in the attack. now the prosecution rested its case this afternown. tomoefense attorneys will begin to call their witnesses. we expectro to hear a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists who will talk about pankaj
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bhasin's break down in the weeks before the killing. i'mwsulie carey breaking news right now. chopper 4 flying over a house fire in fort washington. ty these are live pictures. prince george's co firefighters tell us the flames started outside a house then spread upside to the roof there. >> everyone has been evacuated safely. one firefighter has been injured and is being treated at th scene. chopper 4 will stay on top of this and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. d.c. council member jack evsas the ethics violations he faces are, quote,g embarrass and painful. he vowed toin back the public's trust before he was tosciplined day. council moobers t their reprimand vote aer step furth than expected. reporter: d.c. councilman jack evans walks past reporters without making a comment after a vote to reprimand him for
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allegedly violating the council's code of conduct. the vote came after an emotional statement from evans himself. he appeared to choke up as he awed to regain trust. >> this very difficult time for this council and a very self.cult time for in retrospect i would have done things very differently. >> reporter: hef accused o using his government e-mailin t seek bs opportunities with law firms that lobby the district. >> i'verought embarrassment to this council, to myself andy family. >> reporter: evans was able to hang on to his powerful position as chair of the finance and revenue committee. some thought evans should have been stripped of the chairmanship but the council did not go that far but he did lose some of his power. an amendment to that resolution strips some important agencies from under the committee, including the sports and entertainment authority and arts and humanities. that appeared to satisfy counc mbers at least for now.
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>> you've gone beyond a reprimandoday and i think it's evident that this is an orappropriate punishmenthe time being. >> reporter: evans also chairs the metro board and he's under a separate federal investigation. the former news4 reporter and political analyst tom sherwood said there could be more to >> peo think this was a slap ecome. on the wrist, it was not. it was a gut check for council member evans and the council as we wait to see what happens with the law enforcement investigation. >> darcy spencer anews4. >> for the metro board it released a statement to news4 today explaining that its ethics investigation is ongoing. at leaste two peo dead, several others hurt after a tour bus careene off i-95 this morning in virginia. the bus was traveling from florida to new york when it overturned just as theriver tried to exit the highway in kingwood, about 30 miles south
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of richmond. conditions at the time very gg but right now officials don't know if that played a part in the crh. on woman who was on the bus aid it felt like a roller coaster. >> we was swerving, swerving, the swerve felt so unreal, but when it swerved, right after that itd.tumb so it happened so fast. it happened so fast. and we tumbled like maybe five, six times. >> the woman says she eventually passed out. another passenger helped drag hersut. the bus eing operated by a group called towels travel with 57 people on board at the time. virginia state police tell us the driver could face >>charges there are new developments in a story we told you about yesterday, an arrest in the murder of a man in lanham.h osman kalos in the custody of the baltimore police they say he showed up at a hospital in
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baltimore this morning on a golf course. policeanay oalokoh killed his 69-year-old uncle, shot his aunt after an argument on sunday. she is expeco survive. a judge will sentence a beltsville man for a deadly hit and run that killed two good samaritans. dna evidence helped track down justin smith. he killed two people in 2017 on ed monston road, they stopped to help atranded driver. last year blood connected helped police identify smith. lawyers for a damascus teenager are pleading with the judge to send his case to juvenilecour the teen anyoner is one of four charged in ake lr room sexual assault. last year fourteens were charged
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as adults, three of them have had their case transferred to juvenileourt. officials say one teen accused ofssaulting one of his jv teammates was a victim himself last year. pat lawson musesalling the news on facebook in the news room. ee >> facebook a to pay off $5 million to pay out lawsuits for ad discrimination. this resolves claims that advertisements excluded certain minoouty . as part of the settlement, facebook said it will overhaul its ad targeting oit that and instagram. this all comes as president trump is slamming social media
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platfor platforms, iluding facebook and twitter. speaking today the president said the companies are working to silence republicans. >> seems to be if they're in arvatives, republicans, certain group, there's discrimination, we use the word collusion loosely all the time. i will tell collusion with respect to that. >> president trump said, quote, we have to do something. he did not elaborate. he also suggested those companies should be held liable for content posted on their platforms. jim? >> pat, thank you. the stanln cup champio caps will visit the whith house coming monday. "the washington post" was first to report this development which news4 has confirmed with the capitals. theeam will meet with president ump to celebrate their 2018 stanley cup, the first in franchise history. the meeting comes right before the 2019 playoffs, which begin in early ril. so how do you get investors
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to build in communities that don't have development? tonight the state of maryland is hoping that tax breaks will help. if a new federal program is successful it would lea to major changes throughout prince george's county. as tracee wilkins reports, maryland's governor is all in. >> having these residential transform itng to >> reporter: larry hogan is looking into the future of development and how it can happen in areas normally ignored by investors. >> so convenient to live here and jump onai a tr amtrak and metro. >> reporter: they're standing inside part of a multi-million dollar development in new carrollton made possible by a federal program. it now considered an opportunity zone. meaning when investorsve here they get major tax breaks n easing their return while helping communities in need of their money. >> it's going to help transform
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some of f thesegotten communities. >> reporter: there are federal opportunity zones across the country, 149 in maryland, 25 are spread throughout prince george's county, including in prince george's plaza,o, me landover, capital heights metro, forestville, lar go town center. >> it gets me problematic for the traditional bank to loan you t the moneys you need to continue to grow. >> reporter:is business is in capitol heights. he hopes mhatns investment dollars. >> it's going to open doors it don' have now to get private >> rr: you're looking at ormoney. what will be the site of a new apartment complex with mixed use development. they tell meth 're expect some 10,000 new residents to live and work here. in new carrollton, i'm tracee
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tilkins news4. that's ex. floodwaters are receding in nebraska this afterno but giant chunks of ice remain. icelabs floating andfl oodwater damaging homes and businesses erthe. the ice chunks too heavy to move. people have to wait for them tot me. >> in the rural parts of this hard hit area where a arms flooded, chopper video shows animals are trapped on small o patchesf ground. entire fields are under several feet of wer now. farmers worry the fields will not dry out fast enougo plant their spring crops. some of them are saying they cod be ruined, this could be it for them. let's turn to our forecast. inug is tra a change to the sunny and cool days. >> it's a big change wendy as we look towards the end of the week here, especially thursday into
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friday. today sunny and cool, not a bad afternoon, you need the jacket, 53 today 49 in normally it's warmer south but it's not, a virginia beach 48 degrees. i'm tracking two storm systems one towards the midwest, towards portions of omaha which has bee so har hit by the rain and flooding, another towards florida, these comeogether a move our way to create a big storm for thursday and friday. another chilly day for tomorrow, heavy rain looking like for thursday, and a windyfriday. i'll break it all down hour by hour in just minutes. when we come right back on news4 at 5:00, a community reeling after a beloved business owner is mysteriously. murder >> he was that guy that was always there, and now he's not. and it's weird. >> just ahead, how his neighbors are mourng the loss and why
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his death has led to much uneasiness. working for your health, a new drug that could mean a major step forward in treating women who have post paratum on depres a contentiousr meeting o toll roads and a plan to potentially take some homes.
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at least one firefighter was injured in a fire at a hom onda shia drive. the house has been destroyed now, no word of the cause. >> a lot of smoke still pouring out. >>n commuting maryland on i-270 and the beltway is miserable. a new toll plane hopes to alleviate the hours a week that manyf you spend in gridlock. adam tuss was at a contentio
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meeting today. he explains one state leader could not rule out the possibility of some homes being lost. >> reporter: sig all over the montgomery county council chambers showing plenty of concern about this road project. the biggest worry will i-270 and the beltway be widened to make way for toll lanes. >> i believe we'll be able to get through this without taking homes. but i -- i can't flat out say it until we see what the proposers come back with. >> reporter: one little girl presenting pete ron her own poster opposing toll lanes and there was pointed criticism about a lack of information about what'sap reallyning with the project. >> people don't feel engaged. i've been to some. there's a lot of talking at. not a chance for engagement. >> we need to get people to a place they can feel comfortable
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in their own homes and neighbors. >> evan glass showing a book on traffic. >> why mor roads lead to more traffic. >> reporter: while major is going to come to 270 and the beltway, it's not clear what is going to happen yet. the state is studying how the roads should gech the state said it can do nothing along the 270 and the beltway, if that happens, the speed to ca could drop below 15 miles an hour and soon. along 270 adam tuss news4. the state expects to have a good handle on how the roads will change by next winter. for weeks we have documented dangerous conditions on the bw parkway with all those potholes. so many the park service lowered theo speed 40 miles an hour in some stretches because of it. now maryland governor larry ho sn wantseone else to
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manage that highway. telling reporters today that the park service is good with parks, but, quote, terrible at managing roads. hogan is proposing that the park service give the state of maryland control of the bw parkway. >> if if we controlled e it, could do something but we're not allowed to fix the federal parkway. we want to it fixed from washington to baltimore. it's one of the mostea hly travelled roads. >> hogan says his officeilbe meeting next week with maryland to talk about the future of the bw parkway. a challenge to the president's ownership of the trump international hotel is going before an appeals courty. to the attorneys general for maryland and d.c. argue that h president profits whe people stay at the hotel. that's something that the constitution prohibits without congress appral. attorneys for president trump
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saying there's no authority to sue the president in his official capacity because of the office he holds saying he is unique and immune frothe matter. no shortage of being hacked for your personal information. just ahead, susan hogan on the steps you can take tote p your credit. sunny and dry for now. doug is back with more on when you'll need to make sure you have the umbrella handy. [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rateas low as
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all right. doug joins us on this, what is is the last official day of winter. >> we have ewinox tomor and a super moon. >> yeah, rarely do they coinc e coincide, about every ten years or so. >> it's a big deal. >> it is. but you won't be able to see i because we have cloud coverage. the big thing i have going on the next couples days really the change in thursday and friday's weather with the storm system coming farther inland the means see more in the way of rain late thursday and fray. out the right now no problem. we have plenty of sunshine. on the coole s by about 5 degrees below average 53 degrees
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winds out of the north by at 7 miles per hour. 49 in gaithersburg. annapolis, huntingtown all coming in at 49 degrees. back towards hagerstowns well. a little on the cool side today. the sun does help. in the shade cooler buivthe sun does us some help for us. nothing on the radar picture we're not going to see anything today or tomorrow. what i'm watching isigwo storms one back here towards omaha, a place they've seen so much flooding they do not need more, but a storm making its way there. another is down around parts o florida. west palm picking up 3 to 5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. and these two systems are gtong ome together and move up the coast, it's go tg to bringt moisture from the south u the
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coast. this is tomorrow, still far enough away from each other w don't have anything going on. tomorrow is another nice day, sunshine early then the clouds roll in. as the system makes its way to the east, it's going to hit the storm in the south and bring ith up. it does, look at the rain on thursday. talking a lot of rain out there towards thursday night. your forecast for tomorrow looking fine, sunshine early, more afternoon clouds, 55 degrees. spring begins tomorrow night at but it won't be feeling like spring. 53 with rain on thursday. i'mhinking 1 t 2 inches of rain now, another big rain event and on friday, it is windy, winds could gust over 40 miles per hour on friday. breezy and 52 on saturday. another chilly day. many of you in the 40s. the next couple days, notice sunday is the one day i'm looking for as a nice day,
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at's it. really. 63 on sunday with sunshine. another storm system moves in on monday giving us a chance of showers but bringing our temperatures down as well. that means colder numbers for tuesday and wednesday. yuck. sunday looks great, y.everyb sunday, sunday, sunday looks -- that's the day to look forward to. >> sunday, sunday. all right, doug, thank you. anyone who saw thear w of oz, and who didn't, knows there's no place like home. coming up at 5:00, the window into your well being that comes from the place you lay your head. it started as a business transaction in this gravel parking lot here in clark parking lot here in clark county, it ended with a
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breaking news the bus driver involved in that deadly crash on i-95 in virginia this morning justst ar. >> he will be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. two people killed, dozens more injured inhat charter bus crash on i-95 we told you about south of richmond in kingwood, virginia. >> state police say the preliminary investigation reveals that speed may have been a factor that bus traveling from orlando to new york city. a business transaction turns into a cold-blooded murder.
5:29 pm
and tonight police are searching for whoeverhot and killed jeffrey evans. >>olice found the 72-year-old on sunday morning shot several times. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver learned that evans is beloved in e greater loudon county community. and tonight his friends want this murder mystery solved. >> reporter: the way friends describe it jeffrey evans was the guy you could call up at any hour with any problem and he'd be there for you. >> he was that guy that was always there. and now 's not. and it's weird. >> reporter: the mystery of his murder started in this gravel parking lot. virginia state police say around 11:15 sunday morning jeff headed here for a business transaction. witnesses passing by saw a man standing near jeff's pickup truck. minutes later police say e had beenshot. evt while sho they say jeff drove his pickup truck around
5:30 pm
here, up this street and drove across busy route 7 going right into an embangmen across the street. tire marks where his truck sat, more disturbing witnesses tell police they saw the man run across the four lanes of route run up to jeff's truck. by the time police showed t up man was gone and jeff had died. the wchester star capturing the seen. the medical exam inner telling us jhof was s in the chest and head. >> just incomprehensible. he's just such a regular person and friend to everybody that this could happen to him, it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: melissa and susan came to the site to pay their respects. they said he ran a car service center but took time to get to know his clients. a simple man who leavesehind broken hearts. >> just devastated for
5:31 pm
everybody, but especially his family that he was taken away so horribly. i can't imagine who would want to do this to rhim. orter: police are wondering that too. they're trying to get answers and they're continuing to investigate this. veporting in clark county, virginia, david c news4. police believe there were other witnesses who passedy that gravel lot near route 7 and castlen road where jeff was shot on sunday, they want to hear from them. we are learning more about the suspects police say are involved in the gang murder of a falls church high school student. five people under arrest in the murder are all members of ms-13, all entered the country illegally. three of them as unaccompanied minors. 16-year-old jacson chicas was found dead in the woods in stafford county earlier this month. he had been stabbed almost 100 times and h body set on fire. authorities say jose omeds was
5:32 pm
the ring leader in this attack, he entered the country illegally twice and had been deported once. i.c.e. has a detainer on him. the victim's mother telling news4 thatam ty fled el salvador because her son was forced to join the gang. aobuspectedr with a taste for dramatic wardrobes. baltimore p countyice say jacob robe dressed up in this unicorn outfit while robbing a con convenience store last week. police later found it in me bushes. they say he stole cash and cigarettes and drove off. authorities say savesi was the getaway driver. a family looking for justice will spend another night waiting. no verdict today for the man accused of killing a d.c. artist two years ago.
5:33 pm
carina meal was found red and murdered in her apartment in 2017. de the ordon out courthouse with a look at what happened there today. >> reporter: wey, t jury sent a note for the judge asking if pr a clarification of some of the charges in this case, but at the end of the day, day one of deliberations they left without reaching a verdict. the family of the victim from seattle, washington sits in the hallway outside the courtroom anxis. surrounded by family and friends from across the country. they're waiting for a verdict. they're hoping for justice. and the end to this two-yearlong nightmare. carina was found unconscious, boun and apparently tortured in the basement apartment she was living ion 14th street northeast near the busy eighth street corridor. it was march of 2017. prosecutors say she was raped and stabbed repeatedly, her car and debit card were stolen.
5:34 pm
prosecutors say 28-year-old elijah torre was scene in surveillance video drying her 2004 prius the day of murder. that he used her debit cardl sevemes, withdrawing thousands of dollars from atmur around area. ouosecutors told jurors that his dna was on carina's body and on the backpack he was carrying when he was arrested. he's charged with first degree murder while armed and first s degrual assault while armed. now his defense attorneys say he's not ilty. that this investigation failed to focus on other suspects in this case. if torre is convicted, he faces maximum sentence of life in prison. that's the latest live at the cose. wendy, back to you. >> i'm sure the family the quite anxio anxious. chris the district is changing and fast according to a new study out. the district has the highest
5:35 pm
intensity of gtrification of any city in the entire u.s. the national community investment coalition say between 2000 and 2013 40% of d.c.'s neighborhoods experienced gentrification. as a result 20,000 s african-americ were forced out of their neighborhds. it ranks third behind new york and l.a. for the number of cities transformed. but it ranked first for the number of low income peopleim cted. that comes as a new study finds where we live can have a direct impact on our health. more than 10% ofll u.s. households spend more than half their paychecks on housing costs. experts say that expense takes a toll. when people pay that much of
5:36 pm
their income toward housing, you can imagine there are a lot of other things you need for health that might have to go to the side. >> like healthy food, trips to the doctor, repairing your home. burdens are highest in the largest cities. a quarter of people who rent spend more h thanf their incomes on housing. where are the ieheal places to live in our area, in virginia it's loudon county. in maryland it's montgomery county ranking number one,ed follut howard and frederick counties. prince george's county came in at number 11. a council member from montgomery county is pushing to make children's water safer. chris gordon told you about the effort yesterday. todayouncil member tom houck introduced his bill on lead in school drinking water it would tighten the l limit ofead allowed in public schools and it would be significantly lower
5:37 pm
than the state mandate. a local chef was cooking up success butor years he also hid a personalstruggle. ahead at five he opens up about theddiction that nearly cost him everything. and the game changing treatment for women with post paratum depression. tracking two systems. they're gng tooi
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people aren't talking about how much money they saved buying giant-brand chicken. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little thingsti that make me easy, so you have more time with the people you love.
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there is new home tonight for hundreds of thousands of women suffering from post paratum depression. the fda is expected to soon paratumthe first evered dr depression drug. one in nine women suffer from paratum depression. that's about 400,000 new moms each year. only half of them are diagnosed and treated because of stigma. right now the only treatment options are therapy and antidepress pants whi can take weeks or months. the new drug can bein atered within 60 hours. one treatment cano cost up $35,000, though. if approved the company that makes the drug is hoping for a launch date some time in june. a newborn in upstate new
5:41 pm
york is breaking records. harper buckley was born a week ago weighing in at 15 pounds 5 ounces -- ouch. she is the biggest baby bornt the new york hospital in at least 30 years. mom saidne she her daughter would be big, not that big. harper wasth taken t ne-yo natal intensive care ut for monitoring but appears to be doing just fine. her mombe appears t doing just fine as well. but my goodness. >> that's a big relief there. >> hopefully she'll sleep through the night, righ >> i'll say. hard work pays off for some local high sch lers asthey're rewarded with a free ride to gw. we'll have the story of one student. protecting yourself from identity theft. but do you freeze or lock your
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identity theft, it's a massive problem these days. don't have to tell you many experts say it's not a matter of you'll become a victim, but when. one of the best ways toroct yourself is by freezing or locking your credit. but what exactly is the difference between the two? ourme con reporter susan hogan working for you tonight with the answer. >> they aren't the same thincr it locks and freezes are very similar. they both preventthers from accessing your credit reports, eliminating the possibility that a fraudster could ope a new account in your name. but there are some differences you need to know about.
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>> you will be protected from any financial liability. a credit lock is simply an agreement between you and the credit reporting agency and it's not always clear who is liable for losses.en conce, if you need to can lift aredit, y lock through an app on your phone, and it's instantaneous. with a freeze it can take up to an hour so you need to plan a advance.ore in don't forget to freeze your child's credit as well. children are prime targets for identity thieves becausehe can wrack up charges for years unnotice if your credit score is in the dumps is hard to know how to begin the process of repairing it. tomorrow right here at 5:0ho
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susan will you how to vet the credit repair companies so you don't get scammed. it was quite a sight, the woman climbing up the statue of liberty, the stunt shut down the tourist attraction for hours. today that woman learned her punishment. >> can i go home? >> reporter: the short answer, yes. the woman who cmbed the statue of liberty on theou fh of july won't go to jail and insteadve will ser five years of probation. to,s earlie supporters h help her to her court appearance. the lady liberty climber arriving with her face wrapped with tape, her eyes and mouth coved. it was a final show of protest before heading into udurt. the asked her to remove all of the tape before his ruling. she maintained her actions were in protest of migranthildren
5:47 pm
being separated from their families at the border. but the judge decided that her climb was not a lawful protest and said she deliberately put first responders lives in . dang something she denies. >> first responders are trained inin this of thing. they climb things all the time for training purposes. >> reporter: the judge visited thee sta last month to see the danger for hielf. he also said he worries about her climbing again.s sh done it three times, and facing jail time for climbing a detention center in austin, texas. the judge decided against jail time and sentenced her to five years of probation. saying if she continues to protest, she will do it legally. not go to i do not belong in the system. >> any time you walk into thet froor of the building and
5:48 pm
you walk out the front door in the same day, it's a good day.he >> reporter: said she just got offered a job at an art institute and will soon start working there. the judge said he wasge encou by that. when we asked her if she would consider cli said she can't say. for two day now a fire has raged out of control at a chemical plant near houston, texas. yesterday the engineers monitoring the flames said would last through thursday. now they don't know when it will burn itsel out. the fire is fuelled by chemicals used to make gasoline nail polish remover, glue and paint thinner. houston officials say they're certain the air is safe to breathe. that could change tomorrow when fog rolls in and pushes all the smoke closer to the ground. >> that looks like a nasty plume.
5:49 pm
>> it sure does. it may not be air quality may not be bad now but you need a little bit of a storm to settle on top of it. >> yeah. nastyt could be really there for sure. for us our weather not bad today, sunshine, high temperatures in the 50s. considerably cooler than average, average high temperures in the upper 50s. today we barely reached the s.wer 50 i'm by myself today, i'm feeling nely. that's because amelia draper emceed an event about s.t.e.m. inspiring high school kids to get more involved in science, technology, engineering and math. elia said there was a lot of people down there. this was down towards the convention center. she was up there all afternoon. that's why you did not see amelia today on our air, because those thousand people got to watch her live and info person. us, it's on the cool side,
5:50 pm
that's right. but still ay. pretty 53 degrees right now. temperatures dropping through the 40s down about 42 by 11:00. another cold night tonight, not as cold as last night. 49 gaithersburg. 52 nassas. warnton at 51 degrees. dulles around 51. drainsville elementary, i was at earlie but cool outside for the kids at recess. you need the jacket. sunshine helping to add bit of warmth. nothing on the radar now. i'm tracking two systems, this one towards omaha, a place that does not neednymorerain. ond down around the panhandle of florida, three five inches of rain down towards west palm beach. these come together around our area and move up the coast. this is tomorro night. tomorrow during the day, dry, do not needthe umbrella all on our wednesday.
5:51 pm
however wednesday night, thursday morning 7:00 a.m. we have the heavy rain. we have heavier rain around the noon hour along the i-95 corridor from d.c. to richmond towa bs philadelphiak towards the western zones, everyone getting in on the action. by 5:00 the rainmaking its way out of here. d ending in the evening hours but not before providing us a lotf rain. periods of heavy rain thursday. 1 to 2 inches possible. yesterday we were looking at showers, i was going 30 4 to chance of showers. now it's looking more like a big storm comingn as the storm is a little bit farther inland. turning windy and chilly for fridaynd saturday. i have temperatures on friday getting up to 54 degrees but the winds gusting upwards of t 30 40 miles per hour that's going to make things cooler for sure. temperatures staying below average,igaturday a of 52, many of you in the 40s with the winds. much better sunday, that's really the nice day here, 63
5:52 pm
degrees with sunshine. monday was w lookingm but now the frontal boundary moves in sooner, gives use a cha of rain or shower activity on oi monday, for a high only in the mid to upper 40s on tuesday, looking for chilly weather in the middle of next week. spring begins tomorrow but noto g spring-like the next ten days. an acclaimed chef in our area is opening up about his battle with addiction. he almost lost his three restaurants because of a cocaine and alcohol addiction. r he hitk bottom after he stole from his own restaurants to pay for his drugs. fiveears sober now he opened up to craig mel hn about personal demons. >> what did you discove about yourself? >> i discovered it's okay to not always feel okay. i have bad days. my worst days sober is still
5:53 pm
better than m best day messed up. >> alfred said it was his mother who intervened. she took h to the rehabilitation program in pennsylvania and that got him on the path to recor ry. >> good m. well, coming up, from addictn to homelessness to domestic violence, some children in our area areth living i toughest of circumstances. >> now there's a new push to transform those lives, it starts with a safe space. megan fitzgeraldith more on a program breaking ground. new at 6:00, the bizarre twitter wars under way between president trump and the husband his close adviser kelofly
5:54 pm
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it's myo pleasure award a full scholarship to george washingtonniversity to samia beach. >> wouldn't you like to be that lucky dc hi school student? she's one of ten students surprised with a fullrs schip to gw university day. and she says gw has always been her goal. >> my mom, she was there for me and her being a single parent and a single mom that i -- i am beco more like her, indepeent woman. it means the world to me to hear her say that, to hear the
5:57 pm
words come out of her mouth. >> she'll pursue a double major, interiorig d and business management. a nonprofit helping survivors of abuse is about to expand. next year theouse of ruth is going to break ground on a new day care facility allowing it to double the number of children it can serve. megan fitzgerald shows us how the group is already changing lives. >> reporter: the love between a parent and child is indescribable. >> give me a kiss. >> reporter: which is why she says she wants to give her daughter, mariah, the best of everything, starting with a good education. >> another book? >> reporter: but a few ago that seemed impossible. >> i can't afford a day care, sa bein though i get assistance, that's a great thing because myda hter, i don't have to bring her any diapers, i don't have to bring her any
5:58 pm
oood. >> she'sng for a job and money is tight butnd she f kid space. >> it was started to support women that were homer:ss. >> repor sandra jackson is the executive director of the organization. she said they help womennd their young children who fled domestic violence. >> we support them in helping t them regain their independence, heal from the trma and abuse. >> reporter: they offer housing and a safe day care for their young children exposed to the trauma. many of our children who come to us have delays and challenges. >>eporter: through talk a play therapy, love and care, these children are able to thw,ve. >> being 19 months she's so advanced. >> repter: little mariahs the perfect example. >> eight, nine,ten. >> reporter: this organization is offering hope, not only for
5:59 pm
parents, but for the next generation >> you brush them up and down. >> reporter: megan fitzgerald, news4. now at 6:00, president trump hosts a foreign leader at the white house but questions rants turn to his against a former rival who's not around to defend himself. >> i was nev a fan of john mccain and i never will be. devastation in the midwest. floodwaters recede revealing roads and bridges wiped out. vice president mike landed in the disaster zone. looking for answers at a virginia crash sight, aharter bus tumbled off the road. >> it flipped about four times, a lot of pple screaming. >> breaking tonight, charges against the bus driver. a local murder suspect tries to use a werewolf defense. reaction from the victim's friends. >> i have no words. i think it's ridiculous. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00
6:00 pm
starts now. first at 6:00, the president welcomed his brazilian counterpart to the white house today, a man some have called th trump of the tropics. >> as the pair addressed media in the rose garden it quickly became apparent how some could draw that comparison. brazil's president even using the phrase fake news. >> after a weekend with four dozen posts on his twitter account. he slammed social media platforms. >> blayne alexander joins us now live from capol hill with details. hi, blayne.or >> rr: doreen and jim, president trump spoke on a wide range of e topics,rything from the unrest in venezuela to social media. but it was those cments he made again about senator john mccain that are raising some eyebrows. today president trump with the president of brazi during a


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